Thursday June 13, 2019 | 3:15 PM - 3:50 PM

15C - How healthy is my business? Understanding cash forecasting from COINS Land Management through to Sales and back again

Room : Compass

In a complex business where there are multiple sites in all stages of the lifecycle from early assessment through to built out, the ability to get clarity on cashflow and profitability is key. COINS Land Management for the first time brings together sites from all stages of the lifecycle into a single consolidated business report. Cashflows are consolidated using current build progress, forecast programmes or estimated programmes for those sites which are still in planning. Forecast and real-rime data are blended to provide the most up to date picture of sites under construction. Forecast construction costs and their timeline for spend throughout the project. Maintain forecasts based on the latest programme updates and see all in a single company summary. Reduce risk, see the impact of planned changes and respond more quickly based on information fed directly from sites. The session will be led by Jim Etherton, Senior Product Manager. Topics include Home Building Operations, Cashflow and Forecasting Stream: Operations, Home Building