Thursday June 13, 2019 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

14C - Treasure Hunting

Room : Compass

Securing talent in a sector that appears to have lost its shine... Rachel Roberts of Baxter-Neumann asks: Are you struggling to recruit good people? Do you worry that the best talent is shunning construction in favour of other sectors and industries? Are you concerned that Brexit will only serve to make a bad situation worse? Rachel will challenge your thinking in the area of talent management, bringing you fresh ideas to attract and retain exceptional people to take your business forwards. Supportive Employers have the Competitive Edge!- the second part of the session is led by Claire Cookson of DFN Foundation. Everyone deserves the right to aspire to the very best future – yet nationally only 5.8% of people with a learning disability go on to secure competitive paid employment. The DFN Foundation is highly ambitious for learners with special educational needs and disabilities and has developed the ground-breaking DFN Project SEARCH. Partnering with many national and international companies, we deliver a fully immersive Supported Internship Programme where, on average, 65% of these learners go onto paid employment, 10 x the national average. Explore how Neurodiversity can be a huge advantage for your company and be part of a journey that changes lives and enriches the diversity of your work force. Stream: Keynote


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