The Cookie Bar

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The Cookie Bar launched in 2011 as a social enterprise, our vision is for positive social change and is part of a much wider group of social projects supported by COINS Foundation. The Cookie Bar provides an environment for young students with disabilities to experience all aspects of running a business and helps young people in their journeys to become social and economic contributors. All the cookies are made on-site at our Hindhead Cookie Bar with the support of our student helpers and volunteers. As well as being able to buy our cookies, cakes and barista style coffees from our shop in Hindhead, you can purchase our cookies through our subscription service. We provide business and community customers with regular orders of cookies direct to their door. Our cookies are used for client and board meetings, promotions and events as well as staff treats. The Cookie Bar is run for profit as a business, but we also invest our profits socially, with profits going to Stepping Stones School, a school in Hindhead for students with Special Educational Needs.