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UK Connect


Helping you build and sell homes quicker. UK Connect are the UK’s leading communications provider to the construction industry. We work with many of the UK’s largest housebuilders to provide unrivalled connectivity solutions. All of our services are specialised, simple and easy to install and manage. With a dedicated, in house team of highly-skilled experts and engineers, our construction technology expertise enables us provide solutions, tools and applications to improve the way people communicate, collaborate and work within the construction sector. We specialise in cellular or wireless WAN connectivity and in partnership with Cradlepoint, the market-leader for Wireless Edge WAN solutions, we are their sole 5G provider to the British construction industry.

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UK Connect brochure

UK Connect brochure detailing our products and services.

Unlock the future of construction with elite 5G

The full potential of construction depends on faster, more reliable connectivity as the digital revolution continues to reimagine building sites. This infographic...

Case study - Taylor Wimpey

Better connected and more productive: UK Connect provide hassle free, fibre speed broadband on every region that Taylor Wimpey operates in. Read about it here.

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